MCA is a postgraduate Information Technology course. Computer Application is a use of the computer to solve a specific problem or to accomplish a particular job for an end user. For example, common business computer applications include sales order processing, inventory control, and payroll. It is popularly known as M.C.A. which is an abbreviated form of Master Computer Applications. The duration of Master of Computer Applications is three years, divided into a number of semesters which are generally six in number.

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
2 Accounting and Financial Management
3 Computer Organization
4 Computer and ‘C’ Programming
5 Paradigms of Programming
6 UNIX & Shell Programming
7 Programming Lab
8 Organization Lab
9 Unix /Linux & Shell Programming Lab
10 General Proficiency
Sem. II
1 Organizational Structure and Personnel Management
2 Data and File Structure Using ‘C’
3 Object Oriented Systems in C++
4 Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
5 Combinatory & Graph Theory
6 Computer Architecture & Microprocessor
7 Data Structure Lab
8 C++ Lab
9 Microprocessor Lab
10 General proficiency
Sem. III
1 Computer Networks
2 Design & Analysis of Algorithm
3 Operating System
4 Data Base Management System
5 Internet & JAVA Programming
6 System Programming
7 DBMS Lab
8 JAVA Lab
9 DAA Lab
10 General Proficiency
Sem. IV
1 Visual Basic
2 Modelling and Simulation
3 Software Engineering
4 Elective I (any one of the following)
5 Foundation of e-Commerce
6 Computer Graphics & Animation
7 Software Engineering Lab
8 Computer Graphics Lab
9 Visual Basic Lab
10 General Proficiency
Sem. V
1 WEB Technology
2 Elective II (any one of the following)
3 Net FrameWork & C
4 ERP System
5 Elective III (any one of the following)
6 Management Information System
7 WEB Technology Lab
8 Net FrameWork & C-Lab
9 Colloquium
10 General Proficiency
Sem. VI
1 Industrial Project