CorelDRAW is an effective vector graphics editor software for graphic designers. In this CorelDraw course, you will discover & get to know the standard methods and abilities that will provide an excellent training in editing graphics with CorelDRAW.

CorelDraw training in Delhi provides the General details of CorelDraw with Hands-on exercises familiarize delegates with the ideas and operations. Following Introduction to CorelDraw training, delegates are entitled to 30 days email support from Sanjay Web Designer to help with any post training problems.

Getting started with Corel Draw
Introduction to Corel Draw
Features of Corel Draw
Corel Draw Interface
Tool Box
Moving from Adobe Illustrator to Corel Draw
Common TasksDrawing and Coloring
Selecting Objects
Creating Basic Shapes
Reshaping Objects
Organising objects
Applying color fills and Outlines
Mastering with Text
Text Tool
Artistic and paragraph text
Formatting Text
Embedding Objects into text
Wrapping Text around Object
Linking Text to ObjectsApplying Effects
Power of Blends
Contour Effects
Lens effects
Creating Depth Effects