It’s a high-level programming language that falls somewhere in between what we understand language to be as a human, and what a computer understands as their language. It would be pretty difficult to try and write a paragraph like this one and have a computer then turn it into a functional program. So, we meet in the middle. This requires you to learn the semantics (vocabulary) and the syntax (grammar) of C++, just like you would in primary school while learning your native language. When you write a “sentence” in the C++ code, you are giving a command or shaping the program you are building. The most popular framework to use C++ with is called Microsoft’s Visual++. There are also a number of public domains that are free and will operate in a similar fashion. Don’t worry about this now, we’ll go over it when you choose to learn C++ online.

WHY C++?
C++ is an updated version of the popular C language. It’s enhanced to be object-oriented and functions as a high-level computer programming language. It allows programmers to modify code without actually changing it. This makes the code reusable. C++ is also known for its exceptional performance. This means performance speed that allows for writing efficient code with a high abstraction level. This language also functions across many operating systems and in different environments which makes it versatile to use for every type of developer. To top the cake, C++ offers the use of classes which is really handy for you to produce clean code and to stay organized.

So, if you are at all familiar with C, this is a wise choice for you. It will be familiar but with a more programmer friendly twist. If you are not familiar with C, that’s okay. This is a great place to begin.

There are hundreds of dynamic programming languages to choose from, but C++ is one of the key players. It remains as one of the most popular choices for programmers everywhere. In the past decade C++ has turned into the new famed C# which works very closely with the .NET system. However, it’s recommended to start off learning the fundamentals of C++ before you delve into C#. C++ can be a great gateway into the computer programming world of languages.