Diploma In Computer/It Engineering is Diploma level Computer Engineering course. This is a technical degree below the undergraduate rank which aims to provide students with some basic knowledge of engineering, scientific, computing, mathematical techniques, a sound knowledge of English to communicate in the job field and ability to apply the basic problem solving techniques. Its duration is 3 to 4 years.  Computer Science is an interdisciplinary field, both in its origin and application. Computer Science plays an important role in virtually all fields, including science, medicine, music, art, business, law, and communication.

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Applied Mathematics I
2 Applied Science
3 Concepts of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
4 Introduction to Computer Concepts
5 Applied Science Lab
6 Basic Electronics lab
7 Basic Computer Skills lab
Sem. II
1 Applied Mathematics II
2 English Communication
3 Digital Electronics
4 Programming with C
5 Digital Lab
6 Programming with C Lab
7 Multimedia Lab
Sem. III
1 Computer Organisation
2 Data Structures Using C
3 Computer Networks
4 Data Structures lab
5 PC Hardware and Networking lab
6 Graphical User Interface lab
7 Web Design lab
Sem. IV
1 OOP with C++.
2 Database Management Systems
3 Operating System
4 Software Engineering
5 OOP with C++ lab
6 DBMS lab
7 Linux lab
Sem. V
1 Basic management Skills and Indian Constitution
2 Programming with Java
3 Web Programming
4 Programming with Java lab
5 Web Programming Lab
7 Project Work I (project work-I to be continued in the VI th semester. Project work exam will be at the end of VIth semester)
Sem. VI
1 Software Testing
2 Network Security and Management
3 Mobile Computing( ELECTIVE)
4 Software Testing Lab
5 Network Security Lab
6 Project Work II